Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

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Headteacher  Mrs C McDonald
Deputy Headteacher Mr J Masley
Assistant Headteacher Mrs C Bates (Reception)
Inclusion Manager 
Mrs E Hughes
Teachers Mr A Lund (Year 1)
  Mrs C Rooney (Year 2)
Mrs C Scanlon (Year 3)
Miss M Togher (Year 4)
 Miss S McCarney (Year 5) 
Miss S Dolan (Year 6)
Mrs H Bellamy (PPA and Maths specialist)
Specialists Mrs R Shakespeare (Music teacher)
  Mr J McCune (PE Coach)
School Administrator Mrs C McBrinn
School Administrative Assistant Mrs V Clibbens
Teaching Assistants Miss M Romans (Support worker)
  Miss L Shepherd (Reception)
  Mrs M Sidebottom (Recpetion)
  Mrs S Anteney (Reception)
  Ms R McKenna (Foundation stage)
  Miss A McGibbon (Year 1)
  Mrs N Watson (Year 2)
  Mrs D Myers (Year 3)
  Ms M Mbaikaize (Year 4)
  Mrs V Carney (Year 5)
  Mr S Ansbro (Year 6)
  Mrs J Smithson (EAL)
Site Manager  Mr M Fitzpatrick 
Mrs S Williams
  Mr J McBrinn
  Mrs S Palma
Kitchen Supervisor Mrs C Armstrong 
Kitchen Assistant Mrs B Sinclair 
  Ms C Fairhead
Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants  Mrs S Williams
  Mrs A Dawson
  Mr A Craven
  Mrs J Riley
  Mrs N Fathalizadeh
  Ms R McKenna
Bus Escorts Mrs N Fathalizadeh
  Ms M Mbaikaize
Breakfast Club Mr A Craven
  Mrs J Riley

School Awards