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Welcome to Reception Class 2017-2018

Together, We Learn and Grow in God's Love

Class Teacher: Mrs K Bates
Early Years Practitioner: Miss L Shepherd
Teaching Assitants: 
Mrs M Sidebottom (Mornings)
Mrs R McKenna (Afternoons)
Miss Romans

Welcome to Reception Class! We have great fun at school playing, discovering, exploring and learning together. Please have a look at our photo gallery to see some of the exciting things we do in our wonderful class. 

Important Days and Dates
Reading books and Home Learning Logs returned to school.
New reading books sent home.

PE with Mr Parkinson

Mrs Bellamy in class.
Assembly with Key Stage 1.
Music with Mrs Shakespeare.

Celebration Assembly at 2.30pm. 
New reading books brought home.
Homework in Reception
Home School Learning Logs
In Reception Class we have home learning logs with an activty that can be completed over the weekend which links to a key theme we have been learning about in school. These activities are designed to link with things your child may already be doing and experiencing. Please ensure you spend some time with your child completing the activity and encouraging them to record in their logs. If you want to share photos of what your child has done please send them to

Reading Books
Reading and sharing books is a great way to develop chidlren's language and their understanding of stories. It also helps them apply their phonics skills and develop their reading ability.

Please read with your child every night for approximately 10 minutes. They will bring new reading books home on a Monday and Friday. Please remember to add comments and sign their reading record.

Don't forget to keep sharing their favourite stories and books and let us know which they are. Encourage your child to also read their favourite story books, not just their school reading book.

High Frequency Words
High Frequency Words are words that occur most frequently in writing. They often have little or no meaning on their own, but they do contribute a great deal to the meaning of a sentence. Some of the high frequency words can be sounded out e.g. 'it' and children can use their phonic knowledge to decode or read them. However, many of the high frequency words cannot be sounded out and we call them 'tricky words'. These just need to be learnt.

We will send home the high frequency words and some game suggestions for you to practice with your child. Being abe to read and write these fluently will really help with their literacy skills.

If you come across any other good games add them to our message board for other parents to try.

Maths Problem
Each week we have a maths problem for the children to talk about, investigate and explore. This helps to develop children's mathemattical reasoning, thinking and explanation skills.

This is a great way for you to know the key mathematical langauge we are learning in school. Please share with us your child's comments about the maths problem by sharing it on our Dojo page.
Maths in Reception
Reading and Writing in Reception

In Reception we develop reading and writing through practical play based activities and providing fun and exciting things to write about. Physical activities support children to develop the coordination and control they need to manipulate writing tools and track words across a page.

We Love PE! September 2017

Our indoor PE lessons give us lots of opportunities to move in different ways, challenge ourselves and work together. We have been using our bodies to move around the hall in a range of ways from belly crawling to on tip toes

God’s World Autumn 1

Our RE topic this half term is God’s World. We have heard the Creation Story and celebrated things that God has made. Watching our caterpillars change into butterflies has prompted lots of conversation and provided us with real awe and wonder. We have thought about how we look after our world and watched the CAFOD video about Pope Francis’ message to us all to care for God’s World, Laudate Si.

Getting Ready for the Garden

We love spending time in our fantastic garden. We go out in all weathers and are getting really good at doing our coats, changing our wellies and being independent!

At The Carwash! October 2017

A cardboard box stimulated lots of fantastic imaginative play in YR this week. It was all sorts of things until it became the Carwash. We pretended we were cars travelling through the carwash, made signs, roleplayed being at the carwash and even visited the carwash on Kirkstall Road. Some if us went in Mrs Bates’ car to experience going through the hand carwash. Great imaginative play and conversation - and all from a simple cardboard box!

Creepy Crawly Counting

We have been using our minibeasts to help us develop our understanding or quantity and to recognise numerals.

Maths in Nature October 2017

We have been using autumnal finds to help develop our 1-1 correspondence and our number sense. We have used leaves, confers, twigs and acorns to make different quantities and represent the Numicon patterns.

Pantastic Maths

Exploring pattern, size and shape by sorting pants! Lots of fantastic discussion and explanation all inspired by two great books!

Firework Maths November 2017

Our firework inspired sensory tray helped us explore different ways to make four. Using the glow sticks was an exciting way for us to practice writing our numerals too!

Owl Loose Parts November 2017

Our owl theme has given us lots of opportunities to explore shape and size. We have used different resources to represent and make our own owls.

November - The Month of Remembrance

During November we have been remembering and praying for people who have died.

Anti Bullying Week

We have been thinking about how we stand up for ourselves and others. We have thought about how we are all different and all equal - we have been celebrating our differences.

Owl Hunts in Leeds

As part of our theme on owls we have been on owl Hunts in Leeds city centre. We could not believe how many owls there are all across our beautiful city.

Slime Shop November 2017

Mixing powder paint took a creative twist today as a Slime Shop was created! Great opportunities for exploring capacity and how materials change when mixed together!

Coffee and Bread from Around the World

Thank you to Marta, Euodia’s mum for making our coffee morning very tasty with coffee made in the traditional Eritrean way and homemade breads. Delicious!

Once In A Lifetime January 2018

The Whole School Write based on the film Once In A Lifetime stimulated fantastic discussion, vocabulary and writing in YR. In YR we responded to the engaging film through movement, art, discussion and large scale Mark Making. Click on this link to view the clip:

‘Fantasy’ Spring 1 2018

During Spring 1 our theme of Fantasy and Fairytales is stimulating fantastic imaginative work and storytelling.

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