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Welcome to Year 1!
Together, We Learn and Grow in God's Love.
Class teacher: Mr A. Lund
Early Years Practitioner: Ms A. McGibbon

We have high expectations in Year 1 and whilst we enjoy our learning, we work hard to achieve our full potential. 
Meet the teachers
Mr Lund Ms McGibbon
Hi, I'm Mr Lund. I like to read stories and watch films pretending that I am a part of them myself. My absolute favourite is Harry Potter - I am still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts telling me I am a wizard. I also like Mr Men, Horrid Henry and Demon Dentist.
I would say I am Mr.Tall when I am in Year 1, but I also have qualities of Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr Funny.
I am very excited about my own Learning Journey in Year 1  after moving from Year 4. It's a new experience for me and I cannot wait to work with my new class. I think I will be in my element. I am looking forward to being a part of the children's enthusiasm and excitement towards their learning.

2016/17 - It's going to be a good year!
Hi, I’m Ms McGibbon. I really enjoy reading and listening to lots of different kinds of music. I love watching the Despicable Me movies and I like Gru.
I’m hoping we can all have fun and lots of adventures together in Year 1. I can be a little Miss Giggles at times and also Little Miss Curious, which I hope we will all be together when learning new things. I am also a Little Miss Neat as my children call me but I believe the saying, 'A tidy desk, a tidy mind'.
I will be returning back to the Year 1 classroom after a four-year gap and I am looking forward to spending more time discovering different things with Year 1.  It will also be good getting to know all the parents and catching up with the parents I have not seen since moving into nursery.

This half term (Spring 2)
Topic/ Theme -The Jungle Book
Outdoor Theme -Construction and Role-play
Reception/ Year 1 Joint Learning Focus -Lentern Promises
English: Narrative -The Jungle Book

English: Non- Fiction

-Instructional writing
-Information writing


-Pattern and Rhyme 

Phase 5
Maths RE Science Humanities PE
-Number: Addition and Subtraction
-Number: Multiplication and Division
Measurement: Length and Height
-Statements to Live By
-Class Worships (Planned by children weekly)
-Following Jesus: The Easter Story
-Animals -Comparing Leeds to Zimbabwe -Gymnastics
Art DT and Cooking and Nutrition Computing Music PSHE
-Artist Link -Links to Other Subjects -Computer Skills: Powerpoint - -Friendship

Our Learning in Year 1

In Year 1, we work really hard to achieve and progress in different areas of the curriculum. Write comments (and respond to others) about lessons, topics, and/or activities that you or your child enjoyed and why.

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  • 07-11-2016 - Luzvery busy year 1!!! nice and interesting activities! thanks Mr Lund!! Joaquin is really enjoying!
  • 07-11-2016 - SophieWow year 1 have been busy in such a short space of time since coming back in September looking forward to more updates and pictures, Brayden has been thinking alot about gods new world and doing to others as you would have them doing to you. Hes very excited for the cinema trip and rudolf production. So far this year i think jack and the beanstalk story and poem has been braydens best bits. Well done year 1!
  • 28-09-2016 - Lily cI love how my little sis is with my teacher I bet she has a lot of fun.
Year 1's Learning Journey
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