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Welcome to Year 3
Together, We Learn and Grow in God's Love
Class Teacher - Mrs Scanlon
Teaching Assistant - Mrs Mbaikaize

Welcome back to the second part of this term!
We've got lots of activites planned

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Maths - Problem Solving and Reasoning

Year 3 looked at different possibilities if they could see 6 legs but didn't know the animals. We came up with a range of possibilities and ways of recording our examples. Some children chose pictures, some chose to add numbers and some showed their calculations as a multiplication. Then some children investigated how many spiders and flies were on a web if there were 22 legs. The other children calculated how many aliens they could see with 3 legs and how many aliens with 7 legs if they could see 52 legs together. The children worked very hard to find a solution and explain their calculations.

BFG Dance Workshop

Year 3 loved bring the BFG to life through dance and freeze frames. I'm sure you'll agree they did a great job!

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Judo Taster Session

The children enjoyed an exhilarating Judo lesson today, learning some basic moves and holds.

Maths - Problems and Reasoning Skills

Year 3 have been learning about multiplication and using their knowledge and skills to solve problems and explain their calculations.

History - What was important to Stone Age people

Year 3 trying to decide which is most important when trying to survive in the Stone Age. It was tricky to decide and we didn't all agree!

PE - Football

Great start to our PE this half term as we focus on football skills. The children practised moving into a space and then controlled stopping and passing of the ball. Great adapted game of football at the end too.

RE - Judaism and The Ten Commandments

Year 3 have been learning about the Jewish beliefs and the Ten Commandments. We have created our own commandments to help us live happier lives.

History - Using a timeline to order events in history

Year 3 looked at different dates from the Stone Age to the end of the Iron Age and put them in order on a timeline.

Maths - Subtract Efficiently Using Partitoning

In Year 3 the children have been partitioning numbers to subtract efficiently when crossing a ten on a number line.

Active Maths

Year 3 children sorting a variety of word problems into addition and subtraction and then those that they need to exchange and those that they do not need to exchange.

Using Pictures and Base 10 To Understand

Some children using Base 10 and pictures to extend their understanding of adding numbers 3 Digit and multiples of ten.

End of Year Expectations
Exchanging Across a Ten When adding 3-Digits and 1-Digits Using Base 10 and Pictures

Great work in Year 3 using Base 10 to build confidence when adding 3-Digits and 1-Digit exchanging across a ten, before moving on to using pictures to solve simply questions.

Times Tables Rockstars

Year 3 love completing their Times Table Rockstars whilst listening to some rock music.

Place Value Robots

The children used Base 10 to create a robot to the value of a 3 digit number. Then they wrote the number in numerals and words.

Maths - Find The Missing Value

A group of Year 3 children had fun using the number rods with a value of either 120, 240 or 360 and had to systematically calculate the missing part part whole values.

Science - Learning About Light and The White Light Spectrum

Year 3 started their science topic about light. The children moved around different activities making systematic and careful observations and using the results to draw simple conclusions. The children also asked relevant questions to understand and name different light sources. As an extension the children began to look at 'white light' and the colour spectrum.

First Ukulele Lesson

Year 3 were very excited in their first lesson learning how to play the ukulele.

Creating Our 'Good News' Cross

Year 3 learnt how to find a passage from the New Testament before creating our 'Good News' crosses.

Den Building

Year 3 worked in teams to create a structure that they would all fit in and then began building their dens and covering them to make them waterproof before testing them. A few children got a bit wet.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Year 3 learning about 'The Sacred Heart of Jesus' and what the different symbols represent.

School Awards