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Welcome to Year 5!
Together, We Learn and Grow in God's Love.
Class teacher: Mrs S. Bateson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs J. Smithson

We have high expectations in Year 5 and whilst we enjoy our learning, we work hard to achieve our full potential.
This half term (Spring 2)
Maths English
Place value
Information text
Diary entry
RE Science Geography PE Art Computing Music
Creation Space North America Swimming
Sports leaders
 North American Art Scratch Singing and percussion
Year 5 have enjoyed their first session of fitness training this half term.

During Autumn 2 we will be learning about World War 1 and will be hoping to use newpapers from to help us understand the war and how it was communicated across the country.
Learning at Home
Continuing our learning at home is essential in order for Year 5 to make the expected points in progress this year.

Homework: will be given out to all children on Thursdays and will contain a reading passage and their weekly spellings. Spellings will be tested the following Tuesday, along with timetables test through the week. There will also be a project each half term. If your child finds their homework difficult, or there is an issue at home resulting in homework not being completed, please write a note to myself and I shall support your child one lunch time. DO NOT complete your child’s homework for them – this neither benefits the learning of your child or my assessments.

Home Reading: Ensure pupils are reading on a daily basis and their Home Reading Record is signed by an adult. 

In addition to Weekly Spellings, Year 5 need to be learning and revising their 100 Curriculum Spellings.

Times tables: Times tables are an essential part of Mathematics. Having secure knowledge of Timetables will enable Year 5 to use and apply their knowledge across the Mathematics Curriculum.
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