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Welcome to Year Six!
Together, We Learn and Grow in God's Love.

Class teacher: Miss S. Dolan
Teaching Assistant: Mr S. Ansbro

Head Boy/Girl: Joshua D and Frances 
Deputy Head Boy/Girl: Joshua G and Billie-May 
House Captains: Jack, Fraser, Katie and Carina
School Council: Felipe and Niyah 
Hello and welcome to Year Six's class page. Keep up to date with all the latest information and for anything Year Six related. If there is something you want to see on this page, add a comment on the message board below. 

This Half-Term (Autumn 1)

This half term is jam-packed with some exciting topics and some fun activities and trips to go alongside them to enhance your learning. 
Place Value (7-digit numbers)
Fractions, decimals and percentages
Problem Solving
Four operations
Living Things and Their Habitats

Global Food


Djembe Drums
Steel Pans



Report Writing Journalistic Writing
Instructional Writing
South America: Brazil

Food, Glorious Food


The Kingdom of God


Home Learning
Continuing our learning at home is essential in order for Year 6 to make the expected progress this year and achieve our best in the SATs in May
In Year Six, homework will be given out on a Monday and will be due in on a Thursday. It is expected that children complete their homework to the same high standard that is expected of them in class.
Spelling: Children will receive spellings every week. On Monday, they will be taught the spelling rule in class and then they will be given 10 spellings to learn based around the spelling rule. In addition to this, children will also be given curriculum spellings to revise from the Year 5 and 6 spelling list. These will be tested as part of the ‘Big Spell Beat That!’ on a weekly basis. 
Comprehension Task: Children will receive a comprehension task on a weekly basis. This will consist of a short text to read and then 10 questions to answer in full sentences in their homework books. This task should take approximately 15-20 minutes. 
Maths/Arithmetic Task: Children will receive an arithmetic task on a weekly basis. This will consist of 6 questions. Children should aim to complete the questions within 5 minutes and show their working out. In addition to this, children will also be expected to practise their times tables and ‘Big Maths Beat That!’ which will be completed on a weekly basis. On occasions, children may be given a maths task from their group teacher. Group teachers will give instructions for the tasks they set. 
Curriculum Linked Task: Children will receive a short task relating to an area of the curriculum being taught that week.
Children should ensure they read/ discuss their reading book on a daily basis at home and ensure that it is signed and dated by an adult. Children are also encouraged to write about their books in their reading journal e.g. what they enjoy about the book, a prediction about what might happen next or information about a character. 

 If your child finds their homework difficult, or there is an issue at home resulting in homework not being completed, please contact me. Children can ask for help in school prior to the hand in date and I will always maketime during breaks to help them further.

Times tables: Times tables are an essential part of Mathematics. Having secure knowledge of Timetables will enable Year 6 to use and apply their knowledge across the Mathematics Curriculum.

Important Dates

There are lots of exciting opportunities coming up for Year Six.
09.09.16 – Visit to MOD Pizza
13.09.16 – Roald Dahl Day
20.09.16 – Fun Food Chef
06.10.16 – National Poetry Day
10.10.16 – Bikeability Week
20.10.16 – Y6 Athletics Festival at CHCHS
 08.11.16 – Visit to Imperial War Museum, Manchester
16.12.16 – Cinderella Performance

Any other important dates for Autumn 1 and 2 will be updated regularly and letters will be send home. 

What have Year Six been up to?

Autumn Term 1


Year Six!

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