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  • 12-09-2016 - Tom BranniganWelcome back everyone to another exciting year at Sacred Heart School! I'm so proud of the effort you all put in to making our school the best!
  • 21-07-2016 - Zoya I am so sad because y6 will be leaving in September
  • 10-07-2016 - khunbeen learning about parts of the cell in science.
  • 02-07-2016 - brainwe can get pet to raze more money for ks1 playground and ks2
  • 02-07-2016 - isabelMr Lund is the best
  • 02-07-2016 - haydonMr Masley is the best teacher in art
  • 26-05-2016 - Emily price I think we should make get well soon cards to comfort the sissy and make them feel at bit happier
  • 24-05-2016 - Abdul AlmasriCan we have double P.E ?
  • 20-05-2016 - tuoyo lets raise more money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 18-05-2016 - ZoyaI enjoyed art, my friend Sianna and I made a garden, a rainbow and sun/clouds. Me and Sianna are excited because we're on our 2nd new sketch book, I loved it!!!!!!!!!!
  • 13-05-2016 - Millie Y6 i love art with Mr Ackroyd
  • 13-05-2016 - Andrew BroughThat is a cool picture of Obehi on the home page!
  • 30-04-2016 - SezenI realy like the fun learning adventure that me and my awesome class mates have experienced for the last couple of months because mr Lund and Mrs Myers try realy hard to give us the best learning adventure ever
  • 29-04-2016 - Mohammed AbdallaWhen we did Harry Potter, in the morning Mrs Myers shut the door on every per child and we all walked into the door pretending we went through the wall
  • 24-04-2016 - FRANCEScool pictures!!!!
  • 21-04-2016 - SezenWhen me and the rest of my class mates were doing as I kneal before you we had a lot of fun playing our recorders and singing
  • 14-04-2016 - MyaI also really liked roman day it was so fun
  • 14-04-2016 - MyaI am really proud of my class and I for being able to play the recorders
  • 14-04-2016 - niamhhad good fun when it was the World War 2 u got to hold guns that people in the army have used
  • 13-04-2016 - Mr MasleyThank you to everyone who sponsored the school for the Harewood Dash, over £1000 raised for the playground!
  • 12-04-2016 - Amy I also enjoyed WW2 day it was funny dressing up😄
  • 12-04-2016 - AmyI really enjoyed science week especially when we made ice cream it was delicious 😋
  • 11-03-2016 - SezenGo Go Mr Lund
  • 11-03-2016 - LeightonGO MR LUND GO MR LUND GO MR LUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 11-03-2016 - Mr MasleyGood luck to all the staff and Frances for the Harewood House Dash on Sunday!
  • 04-03-2016 - SezenWorld book day was fun yesterday

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