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The School Council representatives for 2016/17 are:
Year 6 Year 5  Year 4
Felipe Ashton / Niyah Bethune Mohimen Alghantari / Katie Ashford Daria Mocniak / Abdul Almasri
Year 3  Year 2  Year 1 

Carly Huang / Ian Musingya
Jake Sawuik/ Fajr Alharbi Samuel Bello-Figueira / Musingya
School Council message board

If you have any ideas for the School Council to talk about in their next meeting leave a message here.

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  • 25-05-2016 - ZoyaI think we should have after school maths club to help children who stuggle with maths.
  • 24-05-2016 - Alla almasrican we set up a plant store at the school fair
  • 23-05-2016 - Ella-May More school events on the grass like the Fun Run like year 5 and 6 went to.
  • 20-05-2016 - obiI want there to be more sports based competitions
  • 20-05-2016 - KieranCan we please try and buy more football nets please and another hall?
  • 19-05-2016 - KatieI think we should have pyjama day.
  • 18-05-2016 - AmyCan we have more in school sports competitions?

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