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Here are some of the things we got up to in 2016-2017. Happy memories!

13th June 2016 Caterpillar Counting in Twos
As part of our learning about minibeasts we are learning about the lifecycle of the butterfly. We are also learning how to count in twos using the idea of counting caterpillar legs. We have been really creative showing how we can count in twos in a range of ways and with different resources. 

19th May 2016 Visit From MissyAs part of our topic on pets Mrs Bellamy brought her cat, Missy, in to meet us today. At first Missy was a bit nervous but she soon got used to being with us and let us stroke her. We learnt that Missy likes to eat cheese and chocolate as a treat. She also showed us how her special food bowl was operated by her micro chip. This is to ensure that Mrs Bellamy's other cat doesn't eat too much food! It was a great afternoon, thank you Missy and Mrs Bellamy!

17th May 2016 Open MorningWhat a great morning we had! The sun shone, the chicks performed, the guinea pigs behaved and everyone was so busy. It was great that so many carers joined in the fun. We are looking forward to holding more 'Stay and Plays' next half term. 

Feel free to share your thoughts about this morning on our message board. 

Meeting the Guinea Pigs

11th May 2016 Chicks Have Hatched!What an exciting morning! Mrs Bates arrived at school to hear that one of our chicks had hatched!!! During the morning we have had two more arrivals. We are totally amazed by the experience of seeing the chicks hatch and are looking forward to caring for them over the next few days. Edie's words summed it up brilliantly, "Wow! This is just amazing! They are so little! We have such an important job ahead of us." 
Here are some photos of our new arrivals. Don't forget to add any comments via our message board. 

5th May 2016 Our Pet Guinea Pigs!Oh my goodness! What an exciting day we have had! Our two pet guinea pigs have finally arrived!
Today we have been busy building the run, preparing the hutch and slowly letting them get used to us. Tomorrow we will start the voting process for naming them. If you have any suggestions you would like to share please complete a naming slip and we will vote on them next week. We will keep regular updates of what they get up too and how they are settling in. 

A big thank you to Pets at Home, Kirkstall who were so impressed with the behaviour of our children when they have been on visits that they gave us a hutch and a Getting Going Hamper!

23rd March 2016 Holy WeekFollowing our Palm Sunday assembly we have been using the small world resources to retell the events of Holy Week. The children have been really creative in selecting and finding resources that have helped them develop their knowledge of the main events and understanding of how Jesus and the disciples may have been feeling. 

Spring Flowers at Kirkstall AbbeyDuring March we have been walking to Kirkstall Abbey to admire the beautiful daffodils and crocus'. We had lots of opportunities to talk about our local community as well draw pictures and develop our observational painting skills back in class. We discovered that all daffodils have six petals! Come and see our fantastic paintings. 

The Princess and the PeaWe have been using the story of The Princess and the Pea to help us with our teen numbers. The Princess slept on 20 mattresses and still felt the pea! We have been ordering those mattresses and using the numicon to make our teen numbers. 
We have also been writing our own stories and making the Princess' castle. 

The EpiphanyWe have been learning about the Christmas story and retold the journey of the Wise Men coming to see Jesus. We used the BeeBots to take the Wise Men to the stable. 

Owl Hunts in LeedsAs part of our learning about woodland animals and owls we have been on an Owl Hunt in Leeds. The Leeds Crest has owls on it and we found so many owls on buildings, pictures, bins and in the German Market. Mrs McGibbon and Mrs Sidebottom's group found over 300 owls on their hunt!!!!

Retelling Owl Babies and Making Story WorldsWe have had great fun retelling Owl Babies by Martin Wadell. We made our own woodland story worlds with the small world resources and puppets. We made our own pictures of the owls using paint, pipe cleaners, clay and plasticine. 

Our Owl VisitOn the 12th November 2015 we were very excited to have a visit from the staff at York Bird of Prey Centre. We have been learning about woodland animals and reading The Gruffalo and Owl Babies. Meeting Angel the Barn Owl was a fantastic experience and gave us lots of exciting things to talk about. 

Witch's CafeWe have had great fun enjoying the amazing, and very unseasonal, October weather in our Mud Kitchen as it has been taken over as a Witch's Café!
We have been making all sorts of concoctions and writing our recipes. Eyeball smoothie was a firm favourite in the café. Thanks to Cabhan's suggestion we then made real smoothies in the inside kitchen - these were much healthier and tastier!


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