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At Sacred Heart we are blessed to have a real diversity and special cultural mix. Our values of Love, Mercy, Comfort, Inspiration and Peace promote an outward looking community that looks top learn from other faiths and bring them closer. We are proud of our multifaith community and see the school as an example of how a Catholic school can be open and evangelical in its outlook.

Interfaith week this year was a huge success with guest speakers from our friends in the Sikh, Muslim and Jewish communties and of course CAFOD sent a guest speaker. The muslim speaker was arrnaged and booked by some of our families, a clear exmaple of how we work with our local community and they are happy to collaborate with us.

See the photo gallery from the week below:    
Click on the links below to see the arrnagements for interfaith week:
Below is a list of just some of the fabulous comments that were left in the prayer room during Interfaith week. Children, staff, parents, visitors and Governors contributed.

School Awards