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•The gifts of the Holy Spirit are what are given by God. They make us more attentive to the voice of God.
•The fruits of the Holy Spirit are the effects of the gifts.
•They are what we express as a result of our faith and love 
•Each class have a fruit of the Holy Spirit that they uphold. 

At Sacred Heart Each class has taken a fruit of the Holy Spirit as a focus for the year. Below is the list of classes with their fruit. The faith leaders wanted our classes to be names after something different and decided to name the classes after ways in which we can be at Sacred Heart. Our values are very important to us and naming classes after fruits of the Holy Spirit reminds us how how God wants us to live.  

Reception - Kindness
Year 1 - Love
Year 2 - Joy
Year 3 - Peace
Year 4 - Goodness
Year 5 - Gentleness
Year 6 - Self Control
Elaine's room - Patience
Mrs McDonald's Office - Faithfulness 

Year 6 child  (Self control) - 'I can show self control by always following the bright side of life and loving people whereever  I go' Noor Al-Abri 

Year 5 child (Gentleness) - 'I can show gentleness by the way the way I treat the younger children' Artin Mahmood

Year 4 child (Goodness) - 'I can share with every one and play with everyone' Jemal Darbaz

Year 3 child (Peace) - 'I am going to listen to people

Year 2 child (Joy) - 'We feel joyful when we are with our friends' Teto

Year 1 child (Love) -

Reception child (Kindness) -

Elaine (Patience) - 

Mrs McDonald (Faithfulness) -  

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