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At Sacred Heart the season of Lent is observed by our school comunity in many innovative ways.

The faith in action children planning, prepared, delivered and reflected upon whole school Monday assemblies thorughout Lent. They did this by planning assemblies that portrayed the stations of the cross over four weeks. Music, drama, reading and soem excellent relfections made the assemblies very relevant to our children. As ever, children were able to respond to their peers with insightful and relefctive responses to what the FIA children asked.
FIA Assemblies
Different year groups were responsible for sharing the story of Holy Week during the final week of term. Year 6 started the week by presenting Palm Sunday using a newscast with Joseph and Sophia presenting the 'breaking news' of Jesus arriving in Jerusalem. On Tuesday, Years 4 and 5 incorporated some beautiful singing as they presented the last supper and Maundy Thursday. On Wednesday, Year 2 presented with great confidence the story of Good Friday and Year 3 came to the front of assembly and using nails to adorn a cross that symbolised the small things that we can to live more in God's image. The week culminated in Reception and Year 1 presenting Easter Sunday to the school and many parents who were very moved by the powerful assembly.
Holy Week Assemblies
In 2018 the Lenten Good Shepherd appeal again was raising money for the important work that Catholic Care does in our diocese. As part of the Lenten acts of Prayer, Alms giving and fasting Mr Masley and Mrs Bates challenged the classes to think of creative ways to raise money alongside their class money collections. This is what they did:

Reception Class and Year 1 held a guess the name of the of bunny competition 
Year 2 held a sponsored Danceathon 
Year 3 collected toys and books and held a break time sale for the other children
Year 4 followed Year Two's example by holding a Danceathon
Year 5 held a sponsored silence where amazingly they did not speak for a whole afternoon!
Year 6 baked buns and sold them to the rest of the school and parents over two days

The Lenten fundraising for Good shepherd appeal raised over £500 that will be presented to Bishop Marcus at the Cathedral in May 2018.
Good Shepherd fundraising activities

Y2 Danceathon Y5 Sponsored Silence

Fr Gerard led a peaceful and intimate Sacrament of Reconciliation service for our children in our school prayer room.
Sacrament of Reconcilliation
Fr Gerard led a powerful and memorable Reconcilliation Service where the whole school, pupils, staff and parents were invited to Reconcilliation and our Year 5 pupils again sang our Psalm beautifully as children confessed to Fr Gerard our recived a blessing.
Reconcilliation Service
The classes were also tasked with creating a piece of fabric artwork to be displayed in the School Hall that depicted the events in Holy Week. As ever the work produced was outstanding and is now on display in our school hall.
Fabric Artwork from Easter Week
Classes in school also made and presented Easter gardens - a long held tradition at Sacred Heart.
Easter gardens

School Awards