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Hi Reception,
Welcome to our class page. Here you will find useful links, weekly tasks and photos of your learning at home.  Please remember in these unpredecented times, it is important we all stay in contact and reach out for support if needed via I am available during school hours to respond to questions and queries. 
Thank you and well done to the children who have shared their learning at home on Tapestry. Rusty Doodles and I have enjoyed reading and looking at your work from the Rusty Doodles challenges! If you have an idea of a challenge you would like to complete, why not share it with Rusty and I?

In your home learning yellow books sent home there are some pictures tasks to complete. I would love to see how you are getting on with these weekly tasks. If you come across an interesting picture, why not send it to me?
A great idea that was shared by one of you is a word wall displaying all the tricky words and phonemes sent home in your packs. I wonder how many you can read/say aloud in 1 minute? 
Special Mention!
My special mention for this week is for all of Reception for their enthusiasm and great participation on our Zoom calls - particularly in the Scavenger hunt! The class have also shared great imagination and creativity over the last term. They have worked so hard with their home learning too. I am super proud!

Mathletics Certificates 22.05.20
Well done to these children who have been awarded Silver and Bronze certificates on Mathletics for their work this week. Keep up the good work and reach for silver or gold!
Silver certificates to Ava!
Bronze Certificates to Francis, Fabiana, Elizabet, Dawid, Rody and Kathy!

Learning at Home

Here are photos of your learning at home!


Can you complete a wild challenge each day? Check out this website to sign up

for more details and


Share you experiences on dojo or Tapestry!

You Choose Story Project

We looked at the story ‘You Choose’ by Pippa Goodhart on our last Zoom.

I set you the task of coming up with your own story based on the questions asked in the book. So here they are:

Use these story sentence stems to help you write your story:

I will go to __________________

My friends will  be ________________

My family will be _______________


My home will be ___________


I will put ___________ and _____________ in ____________


I will travel by ___________________


I will eat ____________________

I will wear _______________

My shoes will be ___________

My hat will be _______________


My pet(s) will be ___________________

My job will be _________________


I will  __________ for fun!


I will sleep ___________________-

Extra idea: You could make a book and on each page write your sentence with a picture to go with it – you could do a page each day over the two weeks holiday.


What is a blog? It's a diary about things I've been up to. In my first blog I'd like to tell you about making chocolate brownies. Have you thought about starting a diary?
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Baking Brownies!Baking Brownies!30 Mar 2020Hello! I am very excited to be writing my first ever blog post! I hope you enjoy reading it.    I have been keeping myself...
Word Studies
In Reception we use word studies to help us learn new words. You can teach your child the meaning of new words too. Each week I will include a 'Word of the Week'. You can use this template at home to help your child learn the meaning of the word.

Here is an example of a word study I have completed and you can find it as an attached document below:
Rusty Doodles Challenges

Rusty Doodles will set you a challenge everyday. Don't forget to share your work on Tapestry.


Please use the online learning journals to upload pictures and comments of your child. If you haven’t done so already then please ensure you check your emails to login. I am exploring ways of uploading activities, as well as looking forward to seeing your uploads.
Phonics Play
An excellent website for playing phonics games. The children are familiar with using this website.
All games are free using the following login details:
Username: march20
Password: home
This is a new resource for Reception to use.
Jolly Phonics
Here is link for the jolly phonics song we sing in class to help us remember new sounds. Why not record your child joining in with the actions. What new sound and action did you learn today? 
Imagination Tree
Check out this website for great creative ideas to do at home!
You can access Twinkl using their free log in details (available on their website). They are many useful resources for you to access. Over the weeks I will refer to Twinkl with useful resources/tasks to complete. 

What games do you like to play at home? 

A game I like to play with playing cards is SNAP! If you have access to a pack of cards why not play a game of 'Snap!' or upload on Tapestry a different card game. 

Did you know maths is all around us? From the shapes you can see in the environment to the numbers on a clock. Have a look around your home. What numbers and shapes can you see?

Following on from my blog post on baking I had to weigh all my ingredients. Can you weigh two items and find out which was heaiver or lighter? What other objects can you weigh? 

Don't forget to look out each day for Rusty Doodles challenges! I hope seeing photos of him is making you smile. 

Here are some photos of some creative ideas for you to do at home - enjoy!

Milk Jug Elmer Elephant Craft - The Imagination TreeMilk Jug Elmer Elephant Craft - The Imagination TreeTry This Shadow Drawing Project With Your Kids - SimplemostHow to draw Rainbow easy for kids. DIY How to make simple rainbow ... 
Rusty Doodles Challenges!

Here are some examples of the work you have completed from Rusty Doodles Challenges in Week 1 and 2. Send a photo of your work and it will be appear here!

See photo gallery for Rusty Doodles challenges. 


This is a space for you to write messages!

Write A Message

  • 07-05-2020 - Miss Wood Hi Aaeesha and Gretchen! I am missing you all too. I am looking forward to seeing you. I hope you can join for our zoom today!
  • 04-05-2020 - GretchenDear Miss Wood i am missing you.
  • 04-05-2020 - Aaeesha FaisalHi Ms wood I hope you and your family is safe.I miss school a lot and I looking forward to meet you!
  • 29-04-2020 - Mr Masley Hello Reception class, I wanted to say how amazing all you home learning pictures are! You are so lucky to have such amazing mums and dads who help you to have such fun!
  • 26-04-2020 - AmberGood morning
  • 22-04-2020 - Miss WoodHello Rohan, well done for all the learning you are doing at home. I can see you've been very busy on Mathletics! Keep up the good work. I can't to see you too as well as all the other children in our class.
  • 20-04-2020 - Rohan HughesHello Miss Wood, I cant wait to see you. I have been having fun doing mathletics, my favourite thing is counting toys and shapes. I have been practising writing numbers and words. We have gone on lots of adventures for our daily exercise playing with my new football and finding creepy crawlies in our local park.
Archived 11.05.20 Resources

Here are some additional resources mentioned in the weekly timetable for you to use at home to support the learning around the book 'The Very Busy Spider' by Eric Carle.

School Awards