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Baking Brownies!30 Mar 2020Baking Brownies!Hello!

I am very excited to be writing my first ever blog post! I hope you enjoy reading it. 
I have been keeping myself busy this first week with gardening, working, reading and one of my favourite activities - baking! 

On Sunday I decided to bake some brownies as they are one of my favourite sweet treats. But first after washing my hands I put on my favourite apron (see the photo below - yes you're right they are little guinea pigs on it!). 

I used this recipe (see link) to make triple chocolate brownies! I do agree with the heading - they are very yummy and but I do think with more practice they could be more scrumptious! I measured out all my ingredients and followed the step by step instructions on how to make the brownies. I was very happy with my recent purchase of an electric whisk. It made whisking the egg and sugar together much easier! I also added big chunks of white chocolate and milk chocolate which melted slightly inside - delicious! I love how the kitchen fills with the smell of chocolate when baking in the oven. 

Do you like baking? Can you share a time when you've baked something or have a go at baking with an adult? Share photos on Tapestry. You could even have a go at writing your own ingredients list and recipe. 

Miss Wood 


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