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Our Holiday photos so far...

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Hi there Year 2 and welcome to our Virtual Classroom. I hope that you and your familes are all safe and well. I know that this is not as much fun as being at school but I want to use this platform to help you continue your lessons while our school is closed. I will also be using Dojo to regularly update you with messages and to award points for any completed work.
Since I've been working from home, I have been really pleased to see the effort you've gone to so far with your online work and have enjoyed being able to provide individual feedback to you where possible.

Dear Year 2                                                            
May I take this opportunity to wish you a happy and relaxing half-term holiday. You have worked so hard these past weeks so make sure you take some time out for a well-deserved break and spend some quality time with your families. As ever, I would like to express my gratitude once more to your parents too for their ongoing support and commitment as they assist you with your home learning.

I have provided an optional light timetable, should you wish to access any work over the next two weeks. The activities suggested are all linked to the theme 'Heroic Helpers'.

Over the next two weeks, if you can, please try the new tasks that I have set on Eedi, entitled 'Division within the multiplication tables', 'Problem Solving', Mass (compare, choose and order appropriate units)' and 'Tell and write the time to five minutes'. Please also keep logging into Mathletics, Rockstars and The Night ZooKeeper as well as accessing the White Rose Maths Hub Home Learning videos and activities.

This past week I liked seeing the various ways you have been keeping fit.  

 I also enjoyed reading your postcards from Leeds!  

 I was so impressed with your fantastic creative stories, reading activities and food chains and I'm still loving all your baking, planting, and creative art and your musical talents! (see photo gallery).

It always make me smile when I see all the photos that you send in so please keep them coming during the holidays! These could be of any completed work or activities that you would like to share, prayers that you have written or maybe more pictures of you keeping active.

Our Special Mention for the past week has been awarded to Finley for his enthusiastic approach to all our home learning tasks. This week I have been particularly impressed with his computer art.  
This week I would also like to share both Alice and Avery's lovely prayers that they have written for us as well as Adeline's beautiful cross that she made.

May I also say congratulations to Finley for being top of our leaderboard so far on TTRS followed by Teresa, Amit, Aaron, Leo and Adeline.

Finley is currently our top writer on Night Zookeeper with Gabriela in second place.

Well done to those of you that have been logging onto Eedi and completed the work set so far.
The following children have achieved their gold, silver and bronze Mathletics Certificates over the past weeks. 

Leslie earned the most Dojo points last week, followed by Finley. These will now be reset.

 It was so nice to see you all at our last Zoom Meeting.
Please join us for our next Zoom Meeting after the holidays.
Stay safe and God Bless.
Mrs Rooney.


For week starting Monday 25/05/2020.

I have been really impressed with the way you have been organising your Home Learning schedule and encourage you to continue as you have been doing. If you would like some guidance on how to to share the work out through the days of the week, I have included a timetable which is an overview of this week's work (which has also been emailed to you) in the documents section.


Remember to complete your ONLINE LEARNING and EVERYDAY LEARNING as well as the work set for this week.


Reading activites.
1. Complete the Comprehenson Mat linked to our heoic helpers.
Go to the DOCUMENTS section and download 'Comprehension Mat.'

2. Reading Bingo Activity.
Choose your own activity.


1.Creative Writing: Remember to use your imagination and include appropriate punctuation.
Go to the DOCUMENTS section and download 'Creative Writing.'

2. Write a thank you letter or postcard to an heroic helper.
Go to the DOCUMENTS section and download 'Thank you card'

Our Heroic Helpers.
care worker


 Mr Masley has also asked us to point out ‘Picture News’ to you. This is a tab on the Virtual School section of the website which is updated weekly with a current news story and can be used as a discussion point with your family. Here is this week's picture.

Suggested Activities to do at home.


Go to the DOCUMENTS section and download 'picture news at home'


White Rose Maths
You will find the video links for  'Summer Term – Week 6 (w/c 1st June)' 
together with this week's
 lessons in the DOCUMENTS section.




Search for inventions that have helped people all over the world.
Become an Heroic Inventor yourself and design an invention that will help others.
First watch this powerpoint.

Go to the DOCUMENTS section and download 'Famous Invetors' powerpoint.

Now try to complete this activity sheet. Go to the DOCUMENTS section and download 'Invention Design'



Invention Heros.
Find out about inventions that we take for granted in our everyday lives that help us e.g. a thermometer. Choose one of these inventions and imagine what life was like before this.
Watch this video clip to give you some ideas.



Create split-pin characters or cone characters to represent the people who help us.
Go to the DOCUMENTS and download the two templates entitled 'split pin characters' and 'cone characters'.


Watch Mrs Roe's video lesson. 'Pitch Notation' (Lesson 4)



Write your own prayer and send it to me via our message board on this page. We can share it at our next Zoom Meeting if you wish.
Think of people from Bible stories who have helped others and create a special helping hands badge for them.



If you can't remember your username or password to these sites, ask your parents. We have sent them an email with this information!

Phonics Play
An excellent website for playing phonics games. The children are familiar with using this website.
All games are free using the following login details:
Username: march2020

Spelling Play
A great website aimed at Year 2, which is full of interactive spelling, grammar and phonics games and ideas.

Eedi (Android and Apple App also available)
This resource provides schemes of work for maths. I have already provided the children with a username and password and we are expecting children to login to complete mathematical questions and SATS revision exercises which will be released on a Wednesday and Friday. This online resource allows a dialogue between your child and myself so that personalised feedback and extensions are given as required.

Mathletics (Android and Apple App also available)
A great resource that has been used for some time within school to support and challenge the pupils and help them to gain a thourough understanding of relevant mathematical topics. It is expected that children log on to use this resource often during the week.


Times Table Rock Stars
This is not a new resource and has been widely used across school for some time to encourage times tables practice. Mr Cairns will set weekly competitions and will be checking how often the children log on and use this resource throughout the week.

The Night Zookeeper
This is an inspiring website designed to develop and improve your child's written skills, using their creativity and imagination. This resource contains a variety of fun and engaging puzzles, challenges and games and allows me to provide you with regular progress updates.

BBC Bitesize
This is another useful website with lots of learning opportunities and educational games linked to the different subjects.


*Reading - Please spend at least twenty minutes each day reading to a grown up or sibling at home and then choose one of the reading Bingo activities to complete.
You can now visit our Virtual Reading club for recommended book ideas and this website also has a selection stories for you to enjoy in several languages:

*Spellings - Spend 10-15 minutes revisiting some of the spellings you have been given in previous weeks. Ask someone at home to read a word to you and see if you can spell it.

*Maths -  Spend 10 minutes counting on in steps of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10. Use different starting points each day. If you go out for a walk, count the rainbows or teddies that you see in windows or even learn to count  in a new language.

*Cooking and Baking - Where you can, help out at home with cooking a meal or baking.
*Daily Exercise - Keep fit in your house or garden by doing some of the warm up exercises or games we use in our PE lessons for about ten minutes each day. You could also participate in fitness videos such as Joe Wicks' workout plan. If you like to dance or do gymnastics, why not create your own simple routine to teach and perform to your family or myself? Practise riding your bike and brush up on your skipping skills too.
Here is a link to a yoga session for children:

*Art and Design - Get creative; for example draw or paint a spring picture, make a decoration for your room or construct a model using lego or boxes. 

Also, if you haven't already done so, create a Rainbow to symbolise hope.

 Free Free Rainbow Clipart, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...


Here are some of our examples:


"We're Going on a Bear Hunt!"

A Raymond St home with teddy bears in the window in Timaru.

Lots of people have put teddy bears in their windows to cheer us up. If you go out for a short walk, see how many you can find. Also, why don't you put a teddy in your own window to cheer other people up? You could even move it to a new window each day!

Here is Leslie's example.

*Board Games - Keep your brain active by playing games such as Monopoly, Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Guess Who? and card games. Also why not go one step further and invent your own game?

*Well Being - Think of all your good qualities and how you can use these to benefit others. 
 Think of all the ways that you are a good friend to others and how others are a good friend to you too.


Showcasing our work and activities Week Commencing 18/05/2020

Become a Times Tables Genius.

Optional extra Times Tables activities.

Computer Art
Write A Message

  • 24-05-2020 - Mrs RooneyThank you for all your hard work this half-term year 2. Have a lovely well-earned holiday!
  • 19-05-2020 - Mrs RooneyWhat a lovely prayer Avery! Let's share it. Thank you.
  • 19-05-2020 - AveryThank you God for helping all of us. Keep us safe from coronavirus thank you God for our friends and family and teachers and for us to be able to do online school work. Amen.
  • 16-05-2020 - Mrs RooneyWhat a beautiful prayer Alice-We'll definitely have to share this. Thank you.
  • 15-05-2020 - AliceDear God, Thank you for all the food you have given us, thank you for my loving family and all the flowers I can smell and touch. Please help and protect all the people in need. Amen.
  • 12-05-2020 - Mrs RooneyWhat a wonderful prayer Ocean - you have thought really hard about what to write. Thank you.
  • 12-05-2020 - OceanDear God, we can now hear the birds sing, we can see the see the stars and breathe in fresh air. In India they can see the Himalayas again and in Vencice the rivers run clear, free from pollution. Families run, jump, play and and sing together again. May you help us see the good in this time where we have been able to come together. May we ask that you help the sick with your healing powers and bless the people working hard to fight the virus and save lives. Amen.
  • 12-05-2020 - Mrs RooneyThis is another thoughtful prayer Adeline that shows you care. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  • 11-05-2020 - AdelineDear God! Thank you for loving me all the time,and thank you for creating me and my family.Thank you for the life you give us,please make the COVID19 disappear from the whole wide world! You are strong and big make the COVID19 stop in Jesus name.Amen.. Keep us safe to all of us..!!
  • 06-05-2020 - Mrs RooneyWhat a lovely prayer Adeline. Let's share it at our next Zoom class meeting. Thank you.
  • 04-05-2020 - AdelineAdeline's Prayer. Dear God! Thank you for loving me and giving me your all.When I grow up, I will be serving you. I want to know you more,I want to love you more!! I will never forget you,because you died for my sin. Thank you Lord! Keep us safe to all of us. Adeline..
  • 29-04-2020 - Mrs RooneyThank you Mr Masley. Year 2 and myself have indeed been very busy!
  • 29-04-2020 - Mr Masley Year 2 I am so impressed with all the marvelous pictures of your learning activities at home. A special mention has to go to Mrs Rooney, it looks like she is having some great fun at home!
  • 23-04-2020 - AreanHi


Showcasing our work and activities Week Commencing 11/5/2020
Showcasing our work and activities Week Commencing 04/05/2020
Showcasing our work and activities Week commencing 27/4/2020
Showcasing our work and activities. Week commencing 20/4/2020
Showcasing our work and activities. 30/3/2020 - 19/4/2020

Easter Maths.

Measure the height of each bunny and chick.

Can you write a fantasy Easter story about a magic Easter egg?

Can you write your own Easter acrostic poem?

School Awards