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Morning Year 5

Today is the first day of your half term holiday so we won't be having any zoom meetings for a couple of weeks.

You will have received this week's timetable. I have reduced the amount of content to reflect the fact that you are meant to be on a break from school. There is still plenty of work to have a go at and there will still be all the usual online resources available. I will leave it up to you and your parents/carers to decide how much work to do as these are very strange times and half term holidays aren't quite the same.If you need to rest, rest but if you feel you need to keep working then have a look at the work provided. Most importantly of all, look after yoursleves.

I've put the gallery at the top of the page becuase photos of you all doing interesting things makes all of your teachers, and i'm sure your friends as well, very happy. I do enjoy hearing from you, please direct any queries or good news stories and photos through the office e-mail.

It is really important to remember again that this timetable this is just us trying to provide you with things to do. If you are already doing other things or find some of the work really stressful without a teacher on hand to help you please do not feel you have to do it. Your mental health is the most important thing in these unprecendented times. All we are trying to do is support you in doing a bit of work to keep your brains ticking over. I'll explain this more in the zoom meeting.

Again, a reminder that Mr Masley asked us to point out ‘Picture News’ to you. This week there the picture news is based on VE day so have a look at it.

This is a tab on the Virtual School section of the website and can be used as a discussion point with your family.

Also recently added to the Virtual School page is the ‘Clubs’ tab. Here you will find information from the famous Mr Parkinson and the not so famous Leeds Rhinos on how to stay active while at home.

Have another great week. Speak soon.
Student of the week

This week's student of the week is Callum who was very proactive and did a nice project on Devil's Pool which is by Victoria Falls in Zambia. It's something I'd heard of but didn't know much about. I'm going to discuss it in the zoom meeting but it's worth having a read and clicking on the video link. Would you dare jump in? Please, please keep writing and researching about things you are interested in. It's the best way to learn in my opinion.

An excellent rap sent in by Stash. Great to see, will hopefully be even better to hear in person in our Zoom meeting...

Oh, hi there,I didint see you come, seems like you want to hear my rap bout my hero, cause I made a rap bout my God Jesus and how he inspires me not to be useless, cause he made us starting with Adam and Eve and thats why I follow him and im the best of me, so lets get to into why  he is my hero and why I bow to him very very low.

So first lets get to the right beginning when God created the first human being, when hi found some clay and collected a bunch, he made Adam out of it and loved him very much, when Adam grew up he asked his God,''Can you give me someone to love?'' So God got a rib out of his ribcage and God made no terrible mistakes and dont worry what happened to Adam couse he was asleep the whole flipping time.  

This is why I want you to belive in my God  couse he protects you no matter what, I think its the end of the rap so I want to tell you to Peace out!

Stash Solczak 

Hello Year 5 from Mrs Myers.

Mrs Myers asked me to pass on her regards to you all. She says she is missing you all greatly and can't wait to see you back in school, she says she loves seeing you on the zoom meetings but it's not the same.

She says she has read seven books so far including this James Patterson book in the picture. Mrs Myers hopes you are all managing to get some reading done too. Remember, find a style of book you really enjoy, reading should definitley be fun!

Her and her husband have completed some DIY as well so she's being productive.

Mrs Myers' suggestion to you all is to do some puzzles, find some you like and try and do one a day, wordsearches, suduko, crosswords etc.

She tells me she's done lots of crosswords during lockdown which has made me want to do some. Puzzles are a great way of exercising you brain but making it fun at the same time. 
Year 5 photos

More lovely photos received this weekend, they really do make us smile. Jake and his brother Jaxon put together a lovely care package for their Grandad Alford. Really nice to see boys. Got some lovely photos from Ayanna shoiwng some of the crafts she's been doing at home and some of her daily exercises. Great to see Jake having a go at the 5-a-day and a great photo of his family bike ride and Lucas' impressive Tie Dye T-Shirt. Well done boys.

Poem by Mark

Mark has been writing some wonderful poetry on Nightzookeeper, I hope I've published it all so you can all read it but here is one of them which is a big favourite with the staff at Sacred Heart.

My Hat

Here’s my hat

It holds my head,

the thoughts I’ve had,

the things I’ve read.


It keeps out the wind.

It keeps out the rain.

It hugs my hair,

and warms my brain.


There’s me below it,

the sky above it.

It’s my lid.

And I love it.


Here is the powerpoint from yesterday's zoom meeting. It was lovely to see you all.

Weeky spellings

Here are ten spellings for you to attempt over the course of the week

W/C 25/05/20

W/C 18/05/20

W/C 11/05/20

W/C 04/05/20

W/C 27/04/20

W/C 14/4/20 & 20/4/20

W/C 6/4/20

Mrs Roe has created some videos for each year group. Feel free to look at each video but the one that is aimed specifically at Year 5 is the one on 'Pitch Notation'.


Your weekly challenge this week is to try and deisgn a board game. Use Filipi's examples at the top of the page as inspiration.

Try and have a focus for your board game, it could be your favourite book, film or game. 

Finally, write some instructions using Imperative verbs (command words) for your game.

Lego Sculpture (or anything if you don't have lego)

Build a sculpture using anything you have at home. You can build anything you want but I'd like you to send me a photo of it and also I'd like you to write about it. Either a descriptive piece of writing about it, or you could give a background story to it or you could write a poem about it. My Son and I created some of my favourite film scenes so you could do the same too? 

Build a homemade marble run. 

Use your imagination — and a series of tubes and obstacles — to create a winding path for a single marble to travel from beginning to end. Marble runs use gravity, so you’ll need to start the marble high up to make sure it has enough energy to complete the whole run! 

  • Tip 1: Use your biggest cardboard piece as a background, lean it against a wall for stability, and attach tubes and barriers to it to create your run. 
  • Tip 2: Out of tubes? Fold cardboard to create channels!


Try and learn some birdsong while the roads aren't as full of cars! 

This link works on phones and tablets and will play the birdsong.


Book in a box. Do your best with whatever you have at home!

The idea is to draw, make, paint anything that represents your favourite book using an old shoe box as the blank canvas, it can make a rather nice theatre appearance. If you don't have an old shoe box, or any old box, just do a picture on paper of your favourite book. I hope you are all getting plenty of time to read. It's really important you try and read every day. Here, below is an example of one about Harry Potter.



Write a playscript about the first day after lockdown ends. Remember to include a cast, stage directions, remember to set the scene nicely and have fun with it! I don't mind what format you use, whether you want to you write it with pen and paper or on word or another computer program. If you can find a way of getting it to me, either by e-mail or even taking a photo and e-mailing the images if you've written it by hand I would love to read them when they are finished. I will talk about this more on Zoom on Monday.

Arithmetic tests

w/c 30/03/20 - test 1 w/c 06/04/20 - test 2 Complete these on paper with a pencil. You can let me know how you got on or if any questions cause you problems.

Country of the week

Country of the week template. Just for ideas, you can find out any information you like.


Here are some documents to help you practise angles.

Online learning
If you can't remember your username or password to these sites, ask your parents. We have sent them an email with this information!

Please continue to use Mathletics. Lots of new activities will be set regularly.

Please continue to use TTRockstas. Lots of battles and times tables will be set regularly.

This is a great new Maths website for the children to use. Quizzes will be set each week that follow the topics we were/would be covering in Maths lessons.

Night Zookeeper
This is a wonderful writing and English resource.

Remember to visit the subject pages on the website for subject specific work and links.

Everyday Learning

Free Celebrity Classes For Kids In Lockdown.

It feels like the whole world has been tuning into Joe Wicks every morning and I would encourage you all to do that(it's really hard though!) but there are loads of other fun lessons online at the moment as well, my kids are loving the David Walliams lessons. Have a look at some of these and see if you can work one or two into your daily routine.

Here are a few recommendations with the links attached:







You can complete home learning without the use of the internet.

Here are some suggestions for this week:
  • Use your toys to make shadows and draw round them. If you leave them in the same place, do the shadows change during the day?
  • If you have any seeds at home, plant them in your garden or in a pot and see how your plant grows while you are at home.
  • Do a still life drawing of your garden or what you can see out of your window. 
  • Complete a traffic survey. How many cars, lorries, bikes, tractors etc. go past your house in one hour? 
  • Find some minibeasts in your garden. Draw a picture of what they look like and create a factfile about them.
  • Keep a daily diary of what you are up to. Include the date, what activities you did and what you would like to do tomorrow. 

We are missing you all greatly. I hope you are all coping and staying safe. From Mr Boddy and Mrs Myers.

Write A Message

  • 21-05-2020 - Mr BoddyCamillia, try AnyBooks. If anyone else has found a good free app for reading let us know.
  • 21-05-2020 - Mr BoddyDaniyal, Ayanna and everyone else, we really miss you all too.
  • 20-05-2020 - Camillia Sir I don’t know any app to read free books and I’ve already read all the books in my house .
  • 18-05-2020 - Daniyal SiddiquiI miss school.
  • 11-05-2020 - AyannaHi sir,I hope you and your family are well and i want to say i miss all of you and im trying to do the best i can working at home to please you all.
  • 05-05-2020 - Camillia djieleHi sir I am doing my work and following the time table you gave us
  • 04-05-2020 - Mrs Myers Iam really pleased we're doing Wales as our country of the week, like Mrs Boddy my mum was a very proud Welsh woman. We always wore a daffodil on the 1st March something i still do now.
  • 01-05-2020 - filipisir I did a lot of this week (on times table)maths, spelling, early bird maths, reading, and art.
  • 01-05-2020 - Ian MunyaiHi Mr Boddy, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to tell you that when I wanted to log into Night Zookeeper, it won't accept my password and I don't know my Diagnostic Questions password either.
  • 29-04-2020 - Alison KamgamHi Mr Boddy, I'm just here to tell you that when I log on to eedi I forgot my password. And when I go onto mathletics I do the correct username and password and it says incorrect password. For Night Zookeeper it won't let me log in.
  • 29-04-2020 - Mr Masley Hi Everyone Hope you are all really well. I wanted to say something about the country of the week. Scotland is very close to my heart - I spent three years teaching in Aberdeen the Granite City. Can anyone find the answer to my questions: 1. Why is Aberdeen known as the Granite city? 2. Why does Aberdeen tend to not get a lot of rain ? 3. What is Donald Trump's link to Aberdeen? Dojo points for good answers!
  • 24-04-2020 - Mark Zhang I miss school.
  • 13-04-2020 - Daniyal SiddiquiHi sir, I hope you and your family are doing well. I just wanted to say that I scored full marks on the first maths arithmetic test!
  • 09-04-2020 - Alison Hi Mr Boddy ! Is there going to be tt rockstars match?
  • 03-04-2020 - Lucas KennedyMr Boddy I have tried to edit the maths test are unable too, please can you help me or advise me. Thank you
  • 03-04-2020 - RitaThanks Mr Boddy,sorry for reading this late .lovely to hear your kids are doing well. You are doing so much for kids even though you are in a difficult time as well.hope all will be better soon.David,I and you work together.

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