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I have now updated the resources section below! It has your maths work linked to the White Rose videos, and some writing work to keep you occupied at home.

Ou next year 6 Zoom will take place on Thursday afternoon at 2pm - it would be great to see as many of you there as possible!

School Diary...
Each week I will be asking a child (or children) who is (are) in school to update this section of the website with a diary entry from what we did the previous week.

It would be great if you could keep us updated with what youre up to via the messageboard below.

Mr C




To my Pupils,

We are currently living through unprecedented times. I have no doubt that – like you - this will be a time in my life that I will never forget. Nothing has been as it should. Schools have been closed. Shops, restaurants, cinemas and parks – all closed. We have been unable to see friends and family members for weeks and the news is awash with facts and figures that are very upsetting.

However, some good has certainly come from this experience. The NHS and its workers are appreciated like never before - the whole nation claps them each Thursday evening at 8pm and windows everywhere adorn rainbows to show support for our key workers! People are exercising much more. Pollution levels have dropped significantly due to less cars on the roads.

As part of my weekly routine I update the “blog section” on our virtual class page. Here I tell you what I have been up to the previous week. But as well as telling you, I am writing this to keep as a record for myself. I am saving each of my posts so that I will be able to look back at them in years to come and see how I coped in this rather upsetting period of our lives.

In addition to this, I have already started to put together a time capsule. Using an old biscuit tin, I am placing in objects and photos that will help remind me about my ‘life during lockdown 2020’ and I plan to print off and add in my blog posts too. I urge you to do the same. As hard as life is now, you will want to look back at this time and remember the things you did.

Your challenge is this. For each week of lockdown write down any highlights as well as any low points. Collect any pictures or items that have been a major part of the week and keep them safe in a box or a tin. This will act as your time capsule and these will form your memories of this time.

Mr Cairns

Home Learning

White Rose Maths
A fantastic resource from White Rose Home Learning where videos and resources are used to take you through a lesson each day!

Please continue to use MATHLETICS! Lots of new activities will be set regularly.

Please continue to use TTROCKSTARS. Lots of battles and times tables will be set regularly.

EEDI is a great new Maths website for the children to use. Quizzes will be set each week that follow the topics we were/would be covering in Maths lessons.

Daily Maths Problems
Maths problem of the day - looking for a daily mathematics fix? Use this link to find a daily challenge!  Daily Maths Problem

Night Zookeeper
NIGHTZOOKEEPER is a wonderful writing and English resource.

If you can't remember your username or password to any of these sites, ask your parents. We have sent them an email with all this information!

Remember to visit the subject pages on the website for subject specific work and links.

Learning Packs

In addition to the online rsources above, please use the documents below which I update each week. The timetable gives you a guide for who you could be structuring your learning at home - but remember do what ever is best for you!

Everyday Ideas...

Hey, As great as it is you're now using this to say hello to each other... why not add a little more depth to your messages? Tell us what you have been up to, ask each other questions or write a poem/story/report/anything for us to read. Thanks! Mr Cairns

Write A Message

  • 09-07-2020 - KristjanaAnd If any one has any queries or questions then don't hesitate to ask me even next week when I'm at my dad's in Switzerland.
  • 09-07-2020 - KristjanaDear Y6, When this school year is over, you will become Y7 and go to high school. But I won't, I am moving back to Iceland with my family. And I will go to the closest school to the house we will live in. I will then go to an Icelandic school where I will be in a school with classes from Y1 to Y10! So I have a little message for you, I hope that everyone has enjoyed school as much as I have even though I have only been here for 2 years, and Robin I hope you enjoyed our school too. And of course I hope that everyone will enjoy high school, along with there summer for I only get a summer with my dad. I'll start school in September and still be 1 or 2 months late for the school year! Lexi, I am sorry to say but as you have just read then I will not be going to Lawnswood School, so your walks will be you and someone else or just you and break, you will have to hang out with some other friends, but just know that I will always be your friend, and that applies to all of my school friend from Sacred Heart primary school.
  • 07-07-2020 - IanI've been watching naruto today courtesy of sheldon
  • 07-07-2020 - Iansorry i've not been speaking
  • 02-07-2020 - KristjanaI have been struggling on keeping balance sometimes, so I looked up some videos and the video I chose helped a lot! It's also showing me how to throw the skateboard down and get on for speed. Then I have to learn how to get up curves and down curves. Because of the video, I have more confident's because I have proper balance.
  • 01-07-2020 - Mr CairnsHI Lexi, It is great to hear from you... what sort of maths have you been up to? AND what is this 'other amazing stuff' you have been up to? Kristjana, how is the skateboarding going? have you perfected any more moves yet?
  • 30-06-2020 - LexiStanfordHii, how's everyone doing? I'm currently working quite often I've been doing maths and a lot more amazing stuff! What about everyone else?
  • 24-06-2020 - KristjanaHi, I haven't written for a couple of days so here's an update on me 😉. On the 19/6/2020 I got a skateboard! And my brother, my little sister got a tiny scooter and was a natural. She knew exactly how to use it, we didn't have to tell her how to use it. I'm not lying! I've been practising when ever I can and then having breaks because my legs aren't the biggest fan's of the skateboard. I'ts harder than you think, but after 1 day I was able to do one trick, turn and stop! but that's because I practised for about 4-5 hours in that day 😅. My little sister was also good on her summer gift after just one day. (oh and these items that we got are summer gifts, its something we do in Iceland) My little sister was putting her hand out and holding with one, and she's only 2 years old 😳! On the same Friday my dog (Ash) got a hair cut, and he looks COMPLETELY different! My little sister didn't even believe us when we told her it was him, he looks a bit skinny compared to what he used to look like. And now his claws are even worse when he jumps on us, apparently the groomers couldn't cut his nails more. And yesterday I baked for tea, I made Icelandic scones (which resemble American pancakes), we had syrup and chocolate milk. It was goooooood 😋. And because I baked my little sister was the little cute 2 year old she is and said "Thank you for.. baking for everyone." mixed with some gibberish.
  • 18-06-2020 - KristjanaSorry I did not realise that it was 2 so I missed the zoom😬 I feel a bit bad since I asked if we were having zoom calls anymore after school started 😐
  • 16-06-2020 - Mr CairnsSorry Elizabeth, Boo Radley document now added! Mr C
  • 16-06-2020 - Elizabeth Where is the Boo Radely document?
  • 16-06-2020 - KristjanaLizzy, It's not a waste of toilet paper because I only put one layer of paper but a few layers of the pink tape to make it thick. The paper was to make sure that the tape would not stick to me.
  • 15-06-2020 - Mr CairnsAfternoon All, Kristjana - we will be having our weekly Zoom meetings still but these will now be on a Thursday afternoon at 2pm. I will send out details of this shortly! Elizabeth - Yes I will update the work shortly, I have just got back in from school! Mr C
  • 15-06-2020 - Elizabeth pls can u update the school work
  • 09-06-2020 - Kristjana Are we not having the zoom calls anymore because of school?
  • 09-06-2020 - LizzyWhat a waste of toilet paper!!!
  • 08-06-2020 - KristjanaHello everyone, haven't posted anything in a while. It feels kind of weird to be writing something again😅. But over the school holiday I didn't do much, well i did do somethings like, go in my mini pool/ paddling pool. Only on the hot days of coarse! We would always make it hot so it was more nice to be in it, cause the breeze would make you colder if we had it cold/mild. Then I learnt how to make edible cookie dough all on my own! The other day we tried baking it, and it didn't work. It came out hard and a bit burn't so we are going to try again🤗. Then me and my brother have been playing some video games on Nintendo, phones or my computer. Me and my little sister have been painting rocks and hiding them in the forest by Becketts Park. Try find them, some of them are easy and some are hard, most of them are characters and some are just colours or places. Then one morning I got VERY VERY bored so I got this pink tape for puled muscles and got to work i got toilet roll too. First I put some toilet roll on my hand and put the tape on it and did that with my thumb and hand until it looked like i had a cast on😳. But I could JUST about get it off!! So i had to cut it and make it a bit bigger so I could put it on and take it of. So now I have a fake cast that I like to challenge myself with! It does sound a bit weird but I mustn't be the only person that got bored and did something like that? Right!?
  • 30-05-2020 - Kristjana Oh and when do the prizes arrive ?
  • 26-05-2020 - Ian Kristjana, by talking to the class on your video, did you mean on zoom or on this website?
  • 26-05-2020 - Milly I watched pitch perfect 3 to kristiana .One of my favourite songs was in it.
  • 26-05-2020 - MillyHello through out this week and last week me and my mum made the flapjacks. I sat outside for a long time yesterday and I sat on our swing chair. It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm excited 😊. I loved the hot chocolate. I dipped the marsh mellows in it. They tasted good. My mum moved my bed room around to.
  • 26-05-2020 - LizzyMr Cairns please can you update the school work
  • 25-05-2020 - IanMr cairns when are we toasting the marshmallows and was I supposed to get a vegetable soup with crouton inside my pack for homedential supplies?
  • 25-05-2020 - IanHi everyone, what are you doing?
  • 25-05-2020 - LizzyMr Cairns please can you update the school work
  • 25-05-2020 - LizzyMy password isn’t working for night zoo keeper
  • 24-05-2020 - Kristjana Oh and when do the prizes arrive ?
  • 23-05-2020 - leahHi people what's up?
  • 23-05-2020 - LizzyMy password isn’t working for night zoo keeper
  • 23-05-2020 - Mrs Myers Hi ive just watched kristjanas' video on YouTube it was brilliant, looks like you had a great time.
  • 23-05-2020 - LizzyHi Mr Cairns Do we have to do the work for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday since we had residential?
  • 22-05-2020 - EgillI am replying to your text to Kristjana we saw nut job 2
  • 22-05-2020 - Mr CairnsHI Kristjana (and all you others too), I will speak to Mrs Bates about the prize deliveries but hopefully in the not so distant future! Glad the second night in the den went well, what film did you watch? Mr C
  • 22-05-2020 - Kristjana Oh and when do the prizes arrive ?
  • 22-05-2020 - Kristjana Egill says thank you for replying to him and that the second night was good also because we watched a out doors themed movie.
  • 22-05-2020 - Mr CairnsSorry Egill, must have missed this one! I will ensure that Jazzy biscuits are delivered to you (and also Ishak)! Great to have you with us last night... Hope your second night in the den went well? Mr C
  • 21-05-2020 - Egill Mr.cairns on the zoom call I stole the biscuits off ishak at the binging
  • 19-05-2020 - IanHi everyone, what are you doing?
  • 18-05-2020 - KristjanaHi everyone! I hope that your week was good, but the start of my week has not been that good. First I dropped my phone then I was trying to make something from Iceland (Makkarónugrautur) for breakfast and I needed to boil some water but then I spilled it on the floor🙄. Happily it didn't go on anyone! But then I dropped my phone again, then i got some of the food on the floor and then i dropped my phone while keeping my baby sister from going to eat the dog food from our dogs bowl. Now your probably wondering what Makkarónagrautur is, well I´ll tell you. I´ts like rice pudding but you have macaroons instead of rice then when i´ts ready, we put cinnamon sugar on it. Cinnamon sugar is just cinnamon and sugar but don´´t put to much cinnamon😉. Over the weekend I watched Pitch Perfect and 3!! in one of them i noticed that one of my favourite acappela groups was in it!! I listen ti them when doing my work they are called Pentatonix. You can find them on YouTube and Spotify or Kids YouTube if you have that. I think that they are great!! It would be nice to know what others have been doing👍.
  • 13-05-2020 - Elizabeth Mr Cairns, on our time table, in the Mayans section, you say there is a link to a youtube video but there is not.
  • 13-05-2020 - KristjanaHi everyone I hope that your exited for today because we can go out more! Me and my mum will be going on daily runs and going for a walk with the family, me and my mum have been a lot more active than normal because we are at home and we don't have to be somewhere. I mean we do have to do some work, me = school work and my mum = work work so we have a bit more money. But when we finish, we do long walks and I go on my bike and now and then we use some of the equipment that we have. I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO GO OUT IN A BIT AND RUN WITH MY MUM!
  • 12-05-2020 - ishakits bin nice chating but gtg
  • 12-05-2020 - ishaki have nothing to say ...
  • 12-05-2020 - Ian BOYS V GIRLS! LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 12-05-2020 - IanDid any of you know from when I am sending this message, it is 2 months and 6 days before my 11th birthday?!
  • 12-05-2020 - Ian I haven't been learning any new languages but I have been rapping the new song by KSI - Houdini. It's SICK! Best song there is.
  • 12-05-2020 - KristjanaI didn't send anything for everyone to read yesterday, I just sent something to Lexi.😅 So now I'm going to tell everyone a little bit about my weekend. I didn't do a theme but I did have a girls night with my mum and my brother had a boys night with my step dad. The boys just watched a movie while me and my mum did each others makeup😂. I did my mum some watermelon eyelids, and she got something of Instagram. Then we played board games. It was a little bit hard to play the games in a good way, we kept laughing at each other. The game that we played was 'The Game Of Life' and we had to get a little peg to be our person and I gave my mum a blue peg witch meant she was a boy in the game😊. Then I got myself a pink peg to be a girl, so we play the game and there comes a decision to have children or not. My mum is then already married to a man when she lands on a space that tells here her to get 2 boys as her kids😮. That means that there are 4 boys in the car, but then she lands on lots more boy kid spaces😄. Then she had a car full of boy pegs. So it ended with one car full of boy peg and my car witch had 2 girls=me and my kid and 1 man=my husband. I hope everyone's longer weekend was fun, like mine😸.
  • 11-05-2020 - Elizabeth Recently its been raining a lot so me and my family haven't been able to go on our walks to the park. : (
  • 11-05-2020 - KristjanaHi Lexi, It has been a long time I hope you can join our Zoom meeting this week?😉 Oh and I won't ask about Frozen 2, I watched it in the cinema before this hole corona-virus. If you read some of my older messages on the message board then you'll see some of the crazy things Iv'e done over these past weeks.😜 I really hope that you (and everyone) are enjoying the time that you have with your parent and siblings. I miss having our talks on the bus and playing at break, Your best friend Kristjana.
  • 07-05-2020 - Lexi SMorning, Hope you are all well. Same as Milly, I’ve been working on trying different languages! It’s so much fun. I’ve been learning an Australian accent as well! Today me and my dad are going to do the garden today as well. Mr C yours looks amazing! That’s all from me. Remember to stay safe. Enjoy your day. From Lexi S
  • 06-05-2020 - KristjanaHi Mr Cairns, My mum and I are wondering if we are supposed to get a new ID and password for this Zoom meting or that we should just use the same as last time.
  • 05-05-2020 - LexiHey Kristjana, Yeah, long time. But I’ll try to try send messages quite often! 🍦👍 -What Have you Been Up To?- Nothing really just the same old days stuck in lockdown lol. Me and my dad have just been chilling! 😁😂 Don’t ask why but I watched frozen 2 LOL. Tbh you are right it is quite a strange but complicating film. Well, can’t wait to hear from you! Or maybe we can see each other in high school. :D Lots of love, Lexi
  • 05-05-2020 - Lexi StanHello Mr Cairns, I’ve done some homework about maths and stuff. I’ve been at my dads the past weeks or so.. Me and him has had lost of fun! He went shopping today so we have A lot of food so we watched a film! 🌈 Sorry again, my WiFi hasn’t been to great so I’ve had to use a bit of my data. Haven’t got much left. Try to get online as soon as possible! Hope your all safe and hope to see each other again! ⭐️☺️ From, Lexi
  • 05-05-2020 - Ian You do know we're against year 5 on ttrockstars so we should get going!
  • 05-05-2020 - Ian I'm fine Elizabeth, I presume everyone else is fine too. I hope you are too !
  • 05-05-2020 - IanMr Cairns, I like your hair although, it could have gone worse and I don't think that I can attend tomorrow's online class because my laptop is a guest account ( not signed in ) malika's laptop (the device I used when I attended) has problems and the computer that we own can sometimes close at random times so I would be a little worried to use that.
  • 05-05-2020 - Elizabeth thanks
  • 05-05-2020 - Mr CairnsMorning, I certainly hope it works Elizabeth! And with regards any work that you complete, you certainly can bring it into school but you don't have to. You could also send it to me via email which Robin and Kristjana have done recently (thanks guys) but again, you do not have to! Mr C
  • 05-05-2020 - Elizabeth Does the math work from the word doc have to be brought into school when we come back?
  • 05-05-2020 - Elizabeth Does the science really work Mr Cairns? I hope it does.
  • 04-05-2020 - MillyHi I have been learning about France, Germany ,Italy Spain, Australia ,china, Russia ,Japan ,Canada ,New Zealand, Ireland, Portugal ,India ,Pakistan, Brazil and India.We have been working on our garden too.Me and my mum have been cleaning up the front garden and have been hosing down the flags in the back garden.Last night me and my dad sat outside and had the log burner on and I sat on the chair with a blanket round me.Hope you stay safe
  • 04-05-2020 - KristjanaI know that I said something this morning, but I just had a look again and saw that others have answered my question about if you had learned any languages. This is to Ian, I (so far) have enjoyed learning German all though I had some difficulty at first. I had an app that you had to pay for after the first, so try to find a free app if you are going to use one.
  • 04-05-2020 - Elizabeth Hi Mr Cairns How does beat the nation work? Also the English work has not been updated.
  • 04-05-2020 - KristjanaThis weekend there was no theme, because we forgot to choose one. Instead me and my brother got new haircuts (in a way). My mum did a great job of fixing my brothers hair, she shaved around the top/front and then tidied the top/front. But for me, well I didn't really get a hair 'cut'. I know everyone else will know this but Robin and Mr Cairns won't. So last year I shaved my head for charity and everyone either felt bad for me (like Logan in our class) or wanted to touch my head (that was a lot of the teachers😂). But now my hair is growing back and it's become long enough for my mum to platt it. So now my hair won't look so messy all the time🤩.
  • 01-05-2020 - Elizabeth hi everyone, hope you are all alright! I´ve been trying to learn polish, since i´m half and its really difficult. ;)
  • 01-05-2020 - Ian Sorry Mr Cairns for not spending enough time on eedi, ttrockstars and mathletics, I have just been so eager to play sentence dash with Malika on night zookeeper I destroy her every single time we play but I still have fun on it.
  • 01-05-2020 - IanI haven't been learning any new languages but hopefully, I will learns some German or arabic or even some more spanish/ catalan.
  • 01-05-2020 - Mr CairnsI have enjoyed reading more of your messages over the last couple of days. Ian - I bet you are getting stronger each day. Lexi - it is really good to hear from you! Milly - no worries about the zoom (it was a bit of a technical disaster this week anyway). What countries have you been learning about? Kristjana - this sounds like a fantastic use of your time. I started to learn French a while ago... perhaps I should get back on that!
  • 01-05-2020 - KristjanaHello everyone👋, yesterday I got an App to learn Swiss German or German so when I'm at my dad's, I can speak to people in the shops or any of my step mums friends. You see my dad and step mum/me live in Zurich and I never understand what they say, and right now I have a lot of time on my hands so I thought of learning Swiss German Or German. Here are some of the things that I have learned so far = how are you? Wie geht's dir. I'm good. Mir geth's gut. hello! Hallo! bye! Tschuss! hello, my names... Hallo, ich bin Kristjana. Is anyone else learning languages?
  • 30-04-2020 - MillySorry for missing online class yesterday .Through out the weeks mum has been setting me countries to look up .I have also done some ttrockstars this morning and the other week I did some sats revision English and maths .Hope you stay safe from Milly
  • 30-04-2020 - KristjanaHi Lex, I haven't heard from you in a while, What have you been up to? I've been cooking for my siblings and yesterday me and my brother were cooking for the family and it was hard!😅 We did make a bit of a mess but a good pasta dish. After eating we had to tidy up after ourselves, and we did it quickly. If you want to know about other things I've been up to then read other posts that I wrote. Bye Bye.
  • 29-04-2020 - Ian Mr Masley, I have been lifting 5KG dumbbells, doing sit-ups, push-ups and so on.
  • 29-04-2020 - IanSorry Mr.Cairns for not attending the online class an hour ago and my dad got notified about the timetable yesterday.
  • 29-04-2020 - Mr Masley Thank you Mr Cairns and everyone for today's zoom, it was lovely to see you all. Good luck to Josh for the quiz next week. Talking about home baking check Miss Ambler's efforts on the year 3 page, I think in future she needs to be bringing food in for the staff room!
  • 29-04-2020 - KristjanaHi Mr Cairns, I saw that you asked if we picked up some other hobby's. And guess what? I dentally have, My mum has taught me how to cook for me and my siblings at lunch.👩‍🍳 And over Easter I got a bit bored and I had moved rooms so I found a lot of things from a long time ago, and one of the things that I found was a crochet hook and yarn. So I decided to get YouTube on and learn how to do crochet.🧶There was a few up's and down's, but in the end I was taking the hook and yarn on our walks and started to make a blanket (that has sadly failed now but was going OK). I'd love to see if anyone else has picked something up and tried to master that skill. And if you have well then well done.👏
  • 29-04-2020 - Mr Masley Hi Year 6 Looking forward to your zoom session today! Great to read what you have been up to at home. Hope everyone is keeping active and following Mr Cairn's lead, he told me he has never been fitter !! Impressed to see Kristjana doing a hours of exercise. What kinds of exercise is everyone doing at home ?
  • 28-04-2020 - LexiOMG, hi Kristijana ❤️
  • 28-04-2020 - Lexi A few days ago me and my brother did some painting. :) We both played on our balcony in his sand pit it was so fun :D
  • 28-04-2020 - LexiHii everyone it’s Lexi, sorry I haven’t been in touch with you all. I’ll try to be more active! :)
  • 28-04-2020 - Mr CairnsHey Carrick, It is great to hear from you! I have seen that you have been competing on TTRS and Eedi in recent weeks - keep it up! I have just sent a message using Class Dojo about Night Zookeeper. I'll try my best to resolve this ASAP! Mr C
  • 27-04-2020 - carrickhi everybody I hope you guys are having a good day
  • 27-04-2020 - carrickdear Mr cairns I have been on times table rock stars , eddi and mathletices but can not log into my night zoo keeper account it does not say create a secret password
  • 27-04-2020 - Mr CairnsHi Kristijana! This sounds like a BRILLIANT way to celebrate someones birthday! I bet your mum's friend was delighted with this. Are you still struggling with NightZookeeper? Anything I can do to help I will try my best! Mr C
  • 27-04-2020 - KristjanaDear Mr Cairns, this weekend we did not do a theme instead we were shooting a funny birthday video for one of my mums friends.A couple of years ago it was her birthday and my mum got strangers to say happy birthday on video, so we kind of recreated that video by dressing up as different people. one of the people i dressed up as was a goth, and I had to put makeup on and I've never had makeup on before so it felt weird😳. One of the other people I dressed up as was a girl who had been shopping and had a man holding her bags like in movies, and my mum told me to put my wig on so I did. My brother was acting as the man who held my/her bags, and he was good. Then when my mum had sent the video, we got my mums friends daughter to face time us so we could see her reaction.And it was good👍. Then this morning I've been doing exercise for an hour. Thank you for reading.
  • 24-04-2020 - KristjanaHi Mr Cairns, I'm playing night zoo keeper but it won't let me do the spinning wheels🤔. It just takes me out of night zoo keeper if I press it. So could you help?
  • 22-04-2020 - Mr CairnsMorning Ian, I have seen that you have been one of our classes top performers on the online resources - of course I am pleased! Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep though so that you can write even better stories on Night Zookeeper and score higher on the Eedi quizzes! Mr C
  • 21-04-2020 - IanDear Mr Cairns, I have mostly spent the time at home, on the night zookeeper, ttrockstars and mathletics and eedi.I hope you're pleased and satisfied with my online work!
  • 21-04-2020 - IanHi everyone (:
  • 21-04-2020 - Mr CairnsGlad that's sorted Robin! Thanks for this update Elizabeth... I am sure that your sister won't remember her first birthday was in the middle of lockdown! Perhaps you could write her something that you can give her in the future which will tell her all about her first birthday in lockdown!? Mr C
  • 21-04-2020 - Elizabeth On the 19th it was my sister´s first birthday and we celebrated in the house. Also it as recently my friend´s birthday so talked on face time for a while.
  • 20-04-2020 - RobinThank you Mr Cairns
  • 20-04-2020 - Mr CairnsHi Robin, Thanks for letting me know. I have reset your username and password for Night Zookeeper so that it is the same as your Eedi log in details. Please have another go and let me know how your get on...
  • 20-04-2020 - RobinDear Mr Cairns I cannot log into the night zookeeper website Could you please help me Thank you
  • 20-04-2020 - KristjanaHi Mr Cairns, we have had an OK Easter so far. well until today. 😒 Egill (my brother) told my mum and step dad that it was still Easter, and because of that my mum didn't really believe that. So she then checked the calendar and he was lying (I'm now letting you know that i was not part of the lying because my brother is clever and i believed in him) But apart from that we have enjoyed our Easter¯_(ツ)_/¯ Over the weekend or yesterday, we were just wearing pyjamas all day as our theme, I wore my favourite (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) pyjamas.Then the rest of my family in their usual pyjamas.One of my little sisters loved this theme because shes not a big fan of getting dressed in the morning. The same sister also loved this Easter because it was a chance of her getting to watch movies with me and no one else.Because she loves having times with me or my (and her) brother.😊
  • 14-04-2020 - IanHi everyone I hope that you're having a great time in quarantine
  • 09-04-2020 - Oliviahi Kristjana
  • 09-04-2020 - Oliviahi libby
  • 08-04-2020 - LibiyHi
  • 08-04-2020 - OliviaOk i will.
  • 08-04-2020 - Kristjanahi Olivia (:
  • 07-04-2020 - Mr CairnsHI Oliva, It's great to see that you have found this part of the website after our Zoom meeting! You can keep the whole class updated on what you're up to using this message board. Remember that the school email can also be used to keep in touch if you have any issues. Mr C
  • 07-04-2020 - oliviahi
  • 07-04-2020 - Mr CairnsHi Kristijana, This is briliant, there is lots of rainbows in windows near me too - it's to show our support to the NHS so a great cause. My sister has also put a bear in her window. Is this for some sort of national Bear Hunt? I am very glad that you are keeping busy Kristijana. Please keep me posted on what you're up to. Mr Cairns
  • 07-04-2020 - Mr CairnsHi Kristijana, This is briliant, there is lots of rainbows in windows near me too - it's to show our support to the NHS so a great cause. My sister has also put a bear in her window. Is this for some sort of national Bear Hunt? I am very glad that you are keeping busy Kristijana. Please keep me posted on what you're up to. Mr Cairns
  • 07-04-2020 - KristjanaDear Mr Cairns, last weekend me and my mum painted our window! We painted a rainbow with washable paint. Then me and my siblings painted on paper, I wrote/painted " STAY HOME STAY SAFE STAY HAPPY " Then for people to see this work, we put it in the window next to the rainbow. One of my little sisters put teddies in the window since other people were doing it. This weekend was more relaxed than the last but we did have fun as a family of 6 and my dog Ash.
  • 01-04-2020 - Mr CairnsWow... that does sound like a crazy weekend Kristjana! But so happy to hear that you are keeping up with lots of work online. I have certainly enjoyed reading your work on Night Zookeeper - Keep up the good work! Hmmm I'm still undecided about the hair situation but thanks for your input. Mr C
  • 01-04-2020 - KristjanaDear Mr. Cairns, as you probably know, I was off a week before the others in my/your class. From then on I have been doing a lot e.g work in Eedi, Nightzookeeper, Mathletics and more. But to keep sure I do a variety of things each day, me and my mum have put together a schedule. That means I do work and learning in the morning until it's afternoon, of course I get breaks for lunch and to go out doors. After lunch I (usually) go for the 1 walk me and my family are allowed, after that its up to me what I get up to. To keep things a little bit more fun on weekends while in lock down, me and my family do themed days every once in a while. Last weekend was a bit crazy! I dressed up as my brother and he dressed up as me, then my step dad as my mum and my mum as him! And we all enjoyed that very much. Today it is my dogs first birthday, his name is Ash and I'm pretty sure you recognise that from nightzookeeper. In regards to your hair, I believe you should shave it. All the best, Kristjana R.R.



Hello there Y6’s,

This section is all about our HOMEDENTIAL! A fantastic event which so many of our pupils took part in...

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Complete challenges to earn the right to be declared as the first (and only winner) of 'Homedential Champion'.

Final Leaderboard


Congratulations to Kristjana who, at 6.26pm on Friday 22nd May became the first (and potentially only) #HomedentialChampion!

Check out this video made by Kristjana herself...

Well done to all involved and please keep your pictures coming in as they make me smile so very much :)

Updated Easter Holidays Leaderboard

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 Olivia's flapjack!

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 Robin's FlapJack


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