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Remember to complete the survey from the letter to share you feelings and intentions. We want all parents to complete the survey that you can access from the letter.

Message from Mr Masley

Mr Masley
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Weekly update from Mr Masley- Friday 15th May 2020

Sacred Heart Learning Together

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the half term break and trying to arrange to do things a little differently in the coming two weeks. I have had a very busy time at home and at school in organizing a wider opening for some pupils on 9th June. All the staff are very keen to get back to some kind to some kind of normality as I sure you are too.

Being able to exercise more has enabled me to get out and do some running and better exercise. It is great to break the day up and get out in this fabulous weather even if it is not for very long.

My highlight of the week has to be being part of the Homedential with our amazing year 6. Seeing how they have met the challenges set my Mr Cairns and Mrs Bates was brilliant. We had a cracking zoom session where we compared dens, challenges, ate our flapjack and drank hot chocolate. If you are unaware the year 6 children have been denied their residential trip this year so Mr Cairns and Mrs Bates brought the Residential to their doors instead. To find out more about it see our Youtube channel with film clips of the Homedetial and some special challenges keenly taken my myself, Mr Cairns and Mrs Bates – particularly impressive was Mr Cairns’ climbing skills!

Sacred Heart Youtube Channel  

As always, thank you for your support of the school

Virtual School
With most of our children now learning from home we thought it would be useful to have one place to access support from school. Firstly though, I want to offer some reassurances about the current situation we find ourselves in:
  • This time is unprecendented and the most important thing for you and your children is that you put in systems that work for you
  • Trust me, I know exactly how difficult it is to do homework with children let alone have to teach them all week long
  • Downtime is crucial for your children and for you. It is OK to allow yourself and them time to relax at different points in the day
  • This crisis will not be with us forever. Look for the positives and make good memories of this time 
Here are some helpful tips to support you at home:
  • Develop a timetable if you can. Get up and get on with something so that there is a clear purpose, especially in the morning - this is when the most learning takes place. Your morning could look like this:
    • 0800 get up and have breakfast
    • 0900 P.E. with Joe Wicks
    • 0930 learning activities
    • 1030 break
    • 1100 learning activities
  • Be creative with your afternoon time. Play, construct, craft. Try to avoid too much screen time (although there will be times when you absolutely need it!)
  • Every family is different. You may need to be working from home. There may be older or younger siblings. You can only do what you can do and that is OK. Do not get downhearted by what others 'say' they are doing on social media. The likelihood is they are exaggerating!
  • Whatever your routine becomes try to stick to it. Write it up on the wall, establish rules and rewards, and make sure you include the children in establishing the routines. If they feel they have some say it will work better.
  • See this as a real opportunity to spend quality learning time with your children. A fundamental principle of teaching is that if your children see you are not interested or enthused then they won't be.
  • Do not be afraid to makes changes to what the teachers are asking your children to do. Even if you feel it is too much, something is better than nothing.
  • Try to start each day with an aim - a visual timetable of what you want the children to complete during the day. 
  • Maybe set up your own home school ClassDojo (I have done this in my house) and establish criteria for the children to achieve points.
On the following class pages your children will be able to:
  • access a range of online learning resources. Usernames and passwords for these are in the exercise book which was either sent home with the children or delivered to your home address. We are also emailing these out to parents so you always have them to hand.
  • access updated tasks from class teachers 
  • share and see work completed by other children in the class
  • see when your teacher might be available for a virtual meeting through Zoom 
  • get new ideas on fun things to do
  • read blogs from their teachers 
We are absolutely committed to actively supporting the continuing education of your children. I want these pages to be your first stop for support with their learning. There are also useful links to information about your health (staying healthy both physically and mentally), food (support for our children eligible for free school meals, ideas and advice about cooking and eating for everyone), and SEND. I have called this our "Virtual School", but if your child has a better name for it I would love to hear from them!

If there is any other information you would like to see here, please let us know as soon as you can. We don't want to lose contact with any of our children or families. If we don't get an email from you, don't see you completeing assignments on Times Table Rock Stars or the other online learning resources, we will try to contact you to see if you are alright. 

Please contact the school office as normal by email at, or phone at 0113 3368003. 

Take care and God bless.

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