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Sacramental Preparation 2018/19

Please find important information regarding your child's Sacramental Preparation this school year. This year our pupils will be making their First Reconciliation on Tuesday 9th April 2019. As part of our Sacred Heart Feast Day celebrations pupils will be making their First Holy Communion in school on Friday 28th June 2019. Pupils making their Confirmation this year will do so as part of the Mass on Sunday 30th June 2019 at St Urban's church. All pupils will be undertaking their preparation for the sacraments in school and with their families. Please speak to Mrs Bates or Mrs Myers for more information.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation 2019
Congratulations to all our pupils who made thier First Reconciliation today. Thank you to Fr Gerard for leading the service and to all the families for attending this special event. 

Please pray for the children and thier families as they continue their journey in faith. 
First Reconciliation 9th April 2019

Fr Gerard led a peaceful and intimate Sacrament of Reconciliation service for our children in our school prayer room.

Sacrament of Reconciliation 2018

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