Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

A Voluntary Academy

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As Faith Leaders, our pupil's first responsibilty is to uphold the values of our school - Sacred Heart.
They will support and encourage all the school community to:

LOVE one another
Spread PEACE 
To COMFORT one another
To show MERCY and forgiveness towards each other
They will show Jesus' example to INSPIRE others 

In upholding these values important jobs that the Faith Leaders will become involved in are:
  • Coordinating art competition to design a painting to go in our school prayer garden
  • Supporting children in other classes to prepare for their class and whole school collective worship
  • Work closely with the Mini Vinnies to timetable fundraising activities and Christian Action throughout this year
  • Maintain their web page on the school website  
The Sacred Heart Faith Leaders' Oath

We promise to always uphold the values of our school and help our friends at Sacred Heart to be inspired by the love of Jesus.
We will spread peace where there is conflict.
We will comfort one another where there is pain.
We will show mercy and forgiveness.
Together, we will learn and grow in God's love. 

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