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At Sacred Heart to have a prayer room for children to pray and reflect. Recently we have had prayer stations in the prayer room to mark our successful Interfaith and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) Weeks.
The prayer room is used throughout the school year. During Lent and Advent children are invited to the prayer room for weekly relfections and in October and May children are invited to lunchtime decades of the Rosary.

We are a faith school at Sacred Heart with Jesus' values central to what we do. We have a wonderfully diverse faith community and our Muslim families are involved in the life of the school. During Ramadan, muslim children use the prayer room and invite children from other faith backgrounds to observe how they pray. We see the mission of Catholic schools to be welcoming and outgoing toward other faiths and are very proud that our children, whatever faith they have, feel happy and eager to experience and share prayer. 
Prayer room altar                       
Prayer stations from RSE Week

Prayer room - saying the Rosary

School Awards