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Together, in the Year of Mercy
We Learned and Grew in God's love 

The Jubilee Year of Mercy formally ended in November with Pope Francis declaring that the doors of Reconciliation should always remain open.

At Sacred Heart the children have been fully aware of this special year in which they have carried out many acts of mercy. The message that the children received at the close of the Year of Mercy was that they must continue with their Christian actions and remain merciful like the father.

It has been a year in which Sacred Heart children have risen to the challenge set by Pope Francis by learning more about themselves and those in need and how we must help them. Here is a brief description of some of the acts that demonstrated how together, in our special school community, we have lived our mission - to grow and learn in God's love. 

December 2015 to April 2016 
Children learned about what it means to be a face of mercy and each class chose a face of mercy to represent them. The person they chose was displayed on their class door with pictures, facts and reasons why they were a face of mercy. The children then had a role in how they were to take a greater part in the year of mercy in our local community.
May 2016 - Shelter the Homeless - Clothe the Naked
School collection to raise money for clothes. Children particpiated in buying clothes and sending them to a centre that helped homeless people. The Mini Vinnies visited St Vincent's centre to see how food and essential goods are given to those who need it.

June 2016 - Comfort the Sorrowful - Comfort the Sick 
Children made cards that they sent out to people in the local community and parish who were sick or lonely.

July 2016 - Forgive Willingly 
FS children visited a church and a mosque and Y4 children visited a synagogue and learned about partnerships in faith. A tree of forgiveness was displayed in the school where children wrote and drew about times when they have forgiven others.

September 2016 - Bear Wrongs Patiently
Children shared their Doors of Mercy with the school and looked at all the Faces of Mercy on display in other classes.

October 2016 - Feed the Hungry - Give drink to the Thirsty
EYFS & KS1 led a CAFOD Harvest assembly and displayed all the generous contributions from our school community. The donations were shared between St George's Crypt and St Vincent's to distribute amoung those who needed it most in our locality.

November 2016 - Bury the Dead - Pray for the Dead 
Each class contributed to a whole school remembrance book and participated in the poppy sale fundraising. 

The year of mercy came to an end with a whole school assembly for Christ the King and the children vowed to continue to live in the spirit of the Jubilee Year and carry out the acts of mercy.

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